About Us

Improving bio-emergency response for the U.S.
and its allies.

The Consortium for the Rapid Aseptic Filling of Injectable Drugs (RAPID) is a public-private partnership dedicated to helping the United States and its allies more quickly and effectively manufacture, package, and transport injectable medicines and vaccines in a national health emergency.

Born from a partnership between private industry and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the RAPID Consortium looks to explore how modern drug packaging and delivery technologies, such as Blow-Fill-Seal, can strengthen notional security and emergency response.

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Why Join

Work directly with the U.S. Government and leading companies

The RAPID Consortium seeks to bring together the best companies and organizations with those branches of the U.S. government focused on emergency response to tackle the challenges around surge production and delivery of injectable medicines and vaccines.

This offers member organizations many excellent opportunities for leadership, research, and growth, including:

  • Submit and join R&D projects that further U.S. Government surge response needs
  • Network with leading organizations and leaders
  • Shape the future of Blow-Fill-Seal for bio-emergency response
  • Be a recognized leader in national health
    emergency response
  • Co-own intellectual property your organization helps
    develop with the government
Who Joins

Demonstrate your organization’s leadership

Who joins the RAPID Consortium? Companies and organizations that want to be on the front lines and cutting edge of national and international surge response for medicines and vaccines.

This includes pharmaceutical companies, contract manufacturers, raw material producers, global health organizations, medical devices companies, fill and finish machine developers, and more.

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Working together to advance manufacturing
and science

The RAPID Consortium embraces both established and new technologies in pharmaceutical manufacturing, packaging, and delivery – pushing their continued development so America and its allies can better respond to national emergencies.

For example, today with Government support, ApiJect (a founding member of RAPID) is advancing the use of Blow-Fill-Seal, a 60+ year old plastics packaging technology, for injectable pharmaceuticals. The goal is to see how this established technology can be used in a new space – improving the speed and scale of packaging of injectable drugs for emergency response.