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Why Join RAPID

Who joins the RAPID Consortium?

Companies and organizations that want to be on the front lines and cutting edge of national and international surge response for medicines and vaccines. This includes pharmaceutical companies, contract manufacturers, raw material producers, global health organizations, medical devices companies, fill and finish machine developers, and more.

Why should we join the RAPID Consortium?

The RAPID Consortium seeks to bring together the best companies and organizations with those branches of the U.S. government focused on emergency response to tackle the challenges around surge production and delivery of injectable medicines and vaccines. This opportunity offers member organizations many excellent opportunities for leadership, research, and growth, including:
  • Submit and join R&D projects that further U.S. Government surge response needs
  • Network with leading organizations and leaders
  • Shape the future of Blow-Fill-Seal for bio-emergency response
  • Be a recognized leader in national health emergency response
  • Co-own intellectual property your organization helps develop with the government

How are Projects Proposed to the U.S. Government?

Any RAPID member may propose research projects that the Consortium may choose to submit to the U.S. Government through its Other Transaction Authority Agreement (OTAA) with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
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