Board of Directors
The RAPID Consortium’s Board of Directors is comprised of individuals with a strong background in executive leadership and management, operations, manufacturing, business development, strategic planning, and medical device and pharmaceutical industry knowledge. The Board of Directors is being assembled at this time. We look forward to announcing their selection in the coming months.
RAPID’s Leadership Team is made up of professionals with strong management experience and technical capabilities. They hold responsibility for the day-to-day management and decision making of the Consortium and report directly to the BOD.
Advisory Committees

In addition to its Members, the RAPID Consortium includes two advisory committees. The Health Emergency Advisory Committee (HEAC) and Consortium Members Advisory Committee (CMAC) are comprised of individual experts nominated by our Members and approved by the Board of Directors.

Both committees advise the Board of Directors and Leadership Team on various topics such as new technologies, strategic and technical direction, operations and governance.

Nick Robinson

President & Executive Director

Mr. Robinson oversees the Consortium’s activities and Member relationships. He reports directly to the Board.

Caroline Hester

VP of Operations & Secretary

Ms. Hester is in charge of RAPID’s day-to-day operations, Member meetings, and records for the Consortium’s meetings.

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